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Thursday 28th of August 2014 06:38:16 PM
  • Dragon Rider
  • Rhinoceros-Low-Poly
  • Dragon
  • Raiders-Fan 3D-Character
  • Fun Speed Boat Race - 2D Game
  • High Poly Warrior 02LAE 06
  • High quality Illustration for a China based client.
  • A high detailed 3D Rhinoceros Gaming Model in minimum Poly - AAA Quality
  • 3D & Vfx Showreel 2010
  • A very high quality and detailed character.
  • "Fun Speed Boat Race" game designed by us for iPhone/iPad
  • A Very detailed and high quality 3D Character made for "The lady and the lion" short movie.

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Lycus Arts Entertainment is an home based outsourcing team across multiple range of art work such as Concept, Mobile Games, Apps, 2D/3D Animation and Visual Effects. Team of enthusiastic, specialized and experienced creative professionals has eagle eye to the detail of every project which we work upon. We strongly focus on understanding client's time scheduled for the project. We believe in long term business relationship.


We are available for new assignments and we take all kind of projects whether it is Small or Big. We provide AAA quality work in affordable price.


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